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Samyang Corporation is the
history of Ion Exchange Resins in Korea

In 1976, Samyang Corporation successfully initiated the localized production of IER in South Korea through technical cooperation with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation, Japan. In 2011, with the successful development of UPW (Ultrapure water) grade resins, we are contributing to enhancing national competitiveness in the semiconductor and the display industries. In 2016, Asia's largest UPS (Uniform Particle Sized) specialized IER (Ion exchange resin) plant; Samyang Fine Technology Corporation was founded. TRILITE is being supplied to the global market and is receiving rave reviews from the user

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Seoul  (Head Office)
Seoul  (Head Office)

Technical sales force in three fields

  • Demineralization/ Ultrapure water/
    Condensate polishing/ Catalyst

  • Food/ Amino acids/ Pharmaceuticals

  • Wastewater/ Chelating resins/ Purification

One Stop Service

  • Analysis of IER

  • Equipment diagnosis and design support

  • Technical seminars and trouble shooting guides

(UPS Resin Plant)
Gunsan (UPS Resin Plan)

Samyang Fine Technology

     (Joint venture with Mitsubishi Chemicals)
Asia's largest manufacturing capacity 

    for UPS resins
Product lines

  • Uniform particle sized resins

  • Chromatography resins

  • Ultrapure water grade resins (LCD, OLED)

Daejeon (Tech-center)
Daejeon (Tech-center)

Analysis of IER
Recipe improvement of IER
New product development

  • Tailored/Specialty resins

Application process development

  • Pilot test

  • Engineering data gathering

  • Process proposal

(UPW/Tailored/Specialty Resin Plant)
Ulsan  (UPW/Tailored/Specialty Resin Plant)

Technology licensed by Mitsubishi Chemicals

    & Self-development 
Specialized production of Tailored resins 
Product lines

  • Ultrapure water grade resins (Semiconductor) 

  • Tailored resins : food, catalyst, pharmaceuticals

  • Specialty resins: chelating resins, synthetic adsorbents, refining of chemicals

No.1 Total Solution Provider

Samyang presents the full line-up of TRILITE Ion Exchange Resins from water treatment up to specialty applications. Samyang develops tailored resins optimized for customer needs and provides differentiated technical services such as on-site visits for troubleshooting, technical seminars, process diagnosis, and design consulting, etc. Also, Samyang IER Tech-center offers various analysis services for IERs and develops advanced application technologies.

History of TRILITE
Samyang Corporation

Accreditation LPPOM MUI HALAL 


Accreditation KMF HALAL 


Initiated UPW resin manufacture


Accreditation OHSAS 18001


Accreditation ISO 9001, 14001


Initiated IER manufacture

Samyang Fine Technology Corporation

Accreditation LPPOM MUI HALAL


Accreditation KMF HALAL


Accreditation ISO9001




Join-venture investment agreement
(with Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation)

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