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Purchasing TRILITE means more than just a stable supply of high quality products. Our technical sales team is subdivided into three specialized groups, and provides professional Total solutions as per the various applications requested by customers. And, also R&D center located in Daejoen provides analysis service of resins with state-of-the-art facilities and other Pilot tests upon requests.

We pursue to be your successful bisness partner with our total solution services. 
Ion exchange resin analysis
Analysis process
Analysis process

Apply for IER analysis

Receiving the inquiry and samples

Conduct of analysis

Analysis report

Samyang IER Tech-center, located in Daejoen provides resin analysis service for used resins and resins for replacement. Multiperspective analysis examines various fouling and performance of resins for the most efficient operation of facilities. 

System diagnosis and retrofit proposal
System diagnosis and retrofit proposal

Our professional engineers provide facility diagnosis and optimised retrofit proposals along with trouble shooting guidelines for the problematic system. 

Water Treatment Design Software TriAngle™ 
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TriAngle™ is our calculation software desgining water treatment system with ion exchange resins. It features the user-friendly interface to support an economic design of required resin quantity for you, as per the various applications. 

Customised process development services
Customised process development services

Our professional engineers and R&D specialitsts provide process development service for various applications of IERs, including lab-scale and pilot tests.

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