Inert Resin

Inert resins

TRILITE Inert resins are synthetic resins which do not have functional groups and feature lighter specific gravity than that of water. They are used either for keeping the ion exchange resins exactly where they are supposed to be for the up-flow system or to create a buffer in the mixed ion exchange resin bed. For the former application, we recommend the use in expectation of preventing the movement of resin layers in the up-flow system and loss of fines, improving the regenerant distribution efficiency and water collection efficiency. For the use of the mixed bed system, it is expected to enhance the quality of water by increasing the separation efficiency of resins to avoid the problems of counter-regeneration while regeneration process. 

TRILITE Inert Resin


Polyethylene, Inert resin, Packed-bed system


Polyethylene, Inert resin, Packed-bed system



Samyang Packed Bed system

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