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[Exhibitions] 2020 Participation Plan


Samyang Corporation is participating in the following exhibitions in 2020, to organize the place to meet the global customers in water industries. It would be a great honor to invite you to our booths, to have the chance to meet you and discuss mutual cooperation.

1. InterAqua2020 (Japan)

Dates : 2020 Jan 29th ~ 31st

Venue : Tokyo International Exhibition Center

Exhibition Info :

2. WQA Conventaion & Exposition (U.S.A.)

Dates : 2020 April 1st ~3rd

Venue : Orange Country Convention Center, Orlando

Exhibition Info :

3. Aquatech China (China)

Dates : 2020 June 3rd ~ 5th

Venue : National Exhibition & Convention Center, Shanghai

Exhibition Info :

4. Indowater EXPO & Forum (Indonesia)

Dates : 2020 June 9th ~ 11th

Venue: Grand City Convex, Surabaya

Exhibition Info :

We will update the separate notice for the respective exhibition with details. Please contact us at, for any querries or in advance booking for the meetings.

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