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[Press release] Samyang Corp's IX resin – Hidden figure of next generation hydrogen vehicle.

- Samyang corporation developed TRILITE ion exchange resin for ion exchange

filter adopted to hydrogen vehicle manufacturers.

- Ion exchange resin is the essential material for hydrogen vehicles

- Ion exchange resins are applied to broad range of industries covering from the

refinements in food materials to Ultrapure water for semiconductor industries.

In 2020, Samyang corporation has developed TRILITE ion exchange resin applied to ion exchange filter adopted to hydrogen vehicles. The ion exchange filter of hydrogen vehicles plays a key role to remove trace ions dissociated into the coolant water and the pipes.

This ion exchange resin features outstanding performance in various specifications including ion exchange capacity, physical and heat stability compared to the competitors. In South Korea, Samyang Corporation is the only ion exchange resin manufacturer, capable of manufacturing this product. Samyang Corporation plans to supply it to the global hydrogen automotive manufacturers.

The hydrogen vehicle is a vehicle that uses eco-friendly hydrogen fuel for motive power. The power plants of such vehicles convert the chemical energy of hydrogen to mechanical energy by reacting hydrogen with oxygen in a fuel cell stacks to run electric motor. This reaction accompanies the arise of heat and produce water. If the electrolytic membrane located inside of fuel cell stacks gets in contact with water, it might cause lower power generation or some other mechanical problem of the vehicle. Hence, the ion exchange filter which removes trace ions in cooling water is necessary component of hydrogen vehicle.

Ion exchange resin is the key component of the ion exchange filter. It is a synthetic resin with functions of ion exchange capability which is applied for the removal of ions or impurities in water. In other industries, ion exchange resin is also applied to removal impurities in sugar, starch sugar and pharmaceutical industries and to produce ultrapure water in micro electric industries such as semiconductor, OLED and LCD productions.

Samyang corporation has a long history of manufacturing ion exchange resin since 1976 as an only manufacturer in South Korea. TRILITE is the brand name of broad range of Samyang’s ion exchange resins. In 2014, Samyang Corporation established the affiliate company Samyang Fine Technology Corporation to produce next-generation ion exchange resin. The production capacity features more than 20,000killo liters per year, which is the largest production unit in Asia.

The next-generation ion exchange resins are widely applied to premium applications such as ultrapure water with the features of superior adsorption, refining efficiency to the conventional ion exchange resin. At present, Samyang Fine Technology is the only company with this state-of the art technology in South Korea. Globally, there are only four companies who has this technology.

In the GAES(2020 Global Auto Executive Survey) publication by KPMG (renowned global accounting/consulting company), it is expected that hydrogen/electricity vehicles will replace the internal combustion engine vehicles with greater market share in 10 years. South Korean government is practicing the establishment of new industrial ecosystem with hydrogen vehicles and fuel cells.

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