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Another Essential Division of Samayng TRILITE
Ion Exchange Resin Tech-center

In 2019, Samyang Ion Exchange Resin Research Center has reorganized into Ion Exchange Resin Tech-center. Through the re-organization, Samyang is investing to further level for the development of various Tailored resins and new applications of ion exchange resins and customer services.

Total solutions for the customers
R&D - Development of Tailored resins
R&D - Development of Tailored resins

We accoompany your development of new ion exchange resin, customized to your system. Our colleagues at Tech-center are highly professional in the resin studies and provides the technical services.

  • Semiconductor grade UPW resin

  • Hydrogen peroxide refining resin

  • Acid retardation resin

  • Boron polisher resin

Technical Service
Technical Service

Our technical service includes the process development for various industries, technical sales support and product analysis. We study and develop the unique solutions for you requirement, based on the largely accumulated data of ion exchange resins.

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