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Synthetic Adsorbent

TRILITE® GSP-25 is a nonionic, cross-linked polymeric adsorbent. Its adsorptive properties derive from its macroreticular pore structure, high surface area, designed pore size distribution, and the aromatic nature of its surface. It has excellent physical, chemical, and thermal stability, and served quite a long time life by regenerations.

Physical and Chemical Propertieserties


Styrene-DVB Copolymer

Functional Group 

Ionic Form

Total Capacity(eq/ℓ)

Moisture Retention(%)


Uniformity Coefficient

Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating Temp


pH Range


Bed Depth(mm)

Service Flow Rate(m/h)


TRILITE® GSP-25 has much larger surface area and a narrower, more uniform pore-size distribution than GSH-20 Grade. They offer nearly one and half times the surface area of GSH-20. With large surface area and narrower pore radius, it selectively adsorbs small molecules and excludes larger molecules. This grade is recommended for adsorption, desalting and decolorization.

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Samyang’s TRILITE Ion exchange resins are produced based on the ISO 9001, 14001 certification. 

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