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Uniform Particle Size Strong Base Anion Exchange Re

TRILITE® MA-15OH Strong Base Anion Exchange Resin is a Gel Type 1 Uniform Particle Size resin. Because of its excellent ion removal capacity, high purity water can be produced economically. TRILITE® MA-15OH has higher capacity than TRILITE® MA-15OH. Because of its uniform particle size distribution, TRILITE® MA-15OH has characteristics of excellent rinse performance and outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, leading to low crush rate even after long-term use. TRILITE® MA-15OH can be supplied by OH- form but Cl- form can be available depending on application and user's request.

Physical and Chemical Propertieserties


Styrene-DVB, Gel

Functional Group 

Type 1 (Quarternary amine)

Ionic Form


Total Capacity(eq/ℓ)


Moisture Retention(%)


Uniformity Coefficient


Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating Temp

90(Cl-), 70(OH-)

pH Range


Bed Depth(mm)


Service Flow Rate(m/h)



TRILITE® MA-15OH can be used for many applications like demineralization and other special processes. Especially, TRILITE® MA-15OH can also be used for various systems like packed bed and mixed bed units including CPP(Condensate Polishing Plant).

All information contained in brochure is not absolute rather than relative one, created under the controlled environment by Samyang
Corporation. Therefore, Samyang Corporation has no legal responsibility with respect to any and all information provided in brochure.

Samyang’s TRILITE Ion exchange resins are produced based on the ISO 9001, 14001 certification. 

Ask a specialist if you have any questions.


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