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Gaussian Particle Size Mixed resins

TRILITE® SM210 is a ready-to-use and highly regenerated mixed bed resin for high purity water application such as non-regenerable mixed-bed.

Physical and Chemical Propertieserties


Styrene-DVB, Gel

Functional Group 

Sulfonic acid / Type 1 (Quarternary amine)

Ionic Form

H+ / OH-

Total Capacity(eq/ℓ)


Moisture Retention(%)


Uniformity Coefficient


Recommended Operating Conditions

Operating Temp


pH Range


Bed Depth(mm)


Service Flow Rate(m/h)



TRILITE® SM210 is widely used for simple production of pure water from potable water, laboratories, and EDM machines, and post RO or EDI mixed-bed application.

All information contained in brochure is not absolute rather than relative one, created under the controlled environment by Samyang
Corporation. Therefore, Samyang Corporation has no legal responsibility with respect to any and all information provided in brochure.

Samyang’s TRILITE Ion exchange resins are produced based on the ISO 9001, 14001 certification. 

Ask a specialist if you have any questions.


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