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About UPS Resin

Asia's Largest UPS Resin Manufactuer
Samyang Fine Technology Corporation

Samyang Fine Technology Corporation is the leading manufacturer of UPS resins (uniform particle size ion exchange resin) in the world. It is Asia’s largest UPS IER specialized plant. We fulfill customer satisfaction with innovative technologies and strict quality control.

Samyang Fine Technology Corporation
The newest UPS plant with
the-state-of-the-art technology
Samyang Fine Technology Corporation

Major production

  • UPS cation/anion exchange resins (uniformity coefficient less than 1.1)

  • Chromatography separation resins

  • Ultrapure water grade resins (Semiconductor/OLED industries)

The uniformity coefficient of IER
enlarges its Performance.

TRILITE UPS resins are renowned in the industry for the consistent uniformity coefficient, which is directly related to high performance. TRILITE UPS resins are manufactured under the strict quality control to ensure optimized size of the resins, enabling extremely even reactions. UPS resins give an extremely even exhaustion front of resins in the vessel, hence the operating capacity is enhanced. Also, it has outstanding mechanical and chemical stability, leading to remarkably low crush rate even after long-term use.

Gaussian  Resin



Gaussian resin gives diffused

exhaustion front

UPS  Resin



UPS resin gives an extremely

even exhaustion front

Improved Kinetics, Fast Reaction Speed
Excellent Physical & Chemical Strength
Higher Operating Capacity, Reduction of Rinse Volume, 
Longer Life Time of IER
Lower Running Cost and Capital Expenditure
Specific Flow Rare(SV)
Service Volume (Bed Volume)
Samyang TRILITE represents Next Generation Ion Exchange Resin.

TRILITE UPS resin has adopted state-of-the-art droplet generating technology for polymerization, differentiated from the prevailing mechanical sieving of polymers and conventional polymerization technology. Premium grade TRILITE Ion Exchange Resins are manufactured from the newest UPS IER plant in the world. TRILITE satisfies high-quality standards; the uniformity coefficient of TRILITE is under 1.1 with high mechanical and chemical stability.

Conventional Technology

(Raw Material Adjustment)

Conventional Technology

(Polymerization - Agitation)

Polymerization - Agitation

(Post-treatment – Functional group)

Post-treatment – Functional group

Uniformity Coefficient



UPS(Uniform Particle Sized)

 (Raw Material Adjustment)

UPS(Uniform Particle Sized) Technology

(Polymerization - Droplet Generator)

Polymerization - Droplet Generator

(Post-treatment – Functional group)

Functional group

Uniformity Coefficient



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