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Weak Acid Cation

WAC : Weakly acidic cation gel type resins

TRILITE WAC (Weakly Acidic Cation Exchange Resins) has carboxylic acid groups (-COOH) as ion exchange functional groups. WAC can neither dissociate nor exchange ions in the acidic solutions, or they cannot split neutral salts, such as NaCl and Na2SO4. However, they can exchange cations in pH range 5~14, and feature greater regeneration efficiency and exchange capacity compared to SAC. When used for softening, we can expect higher performance for exchanging hardness. 


On the contrary, it features more ionic leakage; hence, we recommend to use it as a combination with SAC for water treatment or the other specialized applications for pharmaceutical or food applications. 

TRILITE Weak Acid Cation(WAC)



Polyacrylate Porous Type, WAC, H form




Industrial demineralization

Refining of Liquid sugar

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